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At Social Menu, we're more than just your average London-based media agency. We're a team of passionate foodies and marketing experts dedicated to one thing: helping restaurants thrive in the digital world. We understand the unique challenges restaurants face in today's competitive landscape, where online presence is key to success.

That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of online solutions specifically tailored to the restaurant industry. From creating mouthwatering social media content that drives engagement to developing user-friendly websites that convert clicks into reservations, we do it all. We'll help you:

Tell your story and showcase your unique culinary offerings.

Connect with your target audience and build a loyal following.

Increase brand awareness and drive more customers to your door.

Boost online orders and revenue through effective online marketing strategies.


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Basic Package

Website Development - POA

It all begins with your vision. How do you want your customers to feel when seated at your restaurant? What experience do you want them to enjoy? What that is we bring to life in web form.

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Medium Package

Social Media Management - POA

We create and manage your social media pages.

Allowing you the time and space to build your business.

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Hot Deals

Content Creation

Whether you want to create a unique experience to share with the wider world.
can help you capture this and bring maximum exposure to your brand

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Get Across

We're not just about results; we're about building partnerships. We take the time to understand your individual brand, objectives, and target audience.

We collaborate closely with you to develop a customized online strategy that reflects your unique personality and resonates with your ideal customers.

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